Mighty Mouse & The Mighty Heroes was a repackaging of Mighty Mouse cartoons on CBS (seen the previous eleven seasons under the title Mighty Mouse Playhouse) as the middle feature for The Mighty Heroes, five none-too-bright but still noble superheroes who fight crime in the town of Goodhaven.

Ralph Bakshi, who had been with the studio since 1960, created the series. The superheroes and their real occupations were Strongman (mechanic), Tornadoman (meteorologist), Ropeman (Navy tar), Cuckooman (bird shop owner), and Diaperman (baby). Each adventure starts with the crime being established by any number of villains such as the Enlarger, the Junker, the Shrinker, the Time Eraser, and so on. At the midway point, the heroes, once engaged in battle, usually wind up capturing themselves and are put in dire situations by the villain in a cliffhanger. After the second Mighty Mouse cartoon, the episode's conclusion has the heroes escaping and overcoming their adversaries.

Herschel Bernardi has been best known as the voice of Charlie The Tuna for Star-Kist tuna. Lionel Wilson was the voice of Terrytoons' first cartoon star created for TV, Tom Terrific.


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