Pearl Pureheart is an animated female mouse character created by the Terrytoons studio for 20th Century Fox. She is one of Mighty Mouse's girlfriends, and the object of Oil Can Harry's desire.

Mighty Mouse has been kissed by many girls in the Terrytoon series, but Pearl is the hero's most constant love interest in the cartoons, being part of the show formula which sees her and Mighty Mouse in a desperate situation fighting Oil Can Harry's plans, and becoming his regual partner in the TV series.
She is a cute girl, with blond curly hair, and always nice dressed. Among all the Mighty Mouse love intrests seen in the Terrytoon series, she is probably the sweetest and most sophisticated one. She is very feminine, and got an active character, capable of funny or strong reactions in some situations.

In her episodes, are often sung mock-opera songs, with Mighty Mouse singing tenor, Pearl soprano and Oil Can Harry bass-baritone.


Pearl Pureheart and Oil Can Harry


Pearl singing with Mighty Mouse