Petey Pate

Petey Pate was one of the villains featured in Mighty Mouse:The New Adventures. He was a boar cat with a bald spot on his head and is rankled when conversation makes unintended references to his baldness. In order to be taken seriously as a supervillain, he kidnaps Pearl Pureheart and lures Mighty Mouse to his hideout for the purpose of defeating him. He also gets angry and frustrated when you say his name. He also has two nameless idiot henchmen. He was voiced by Patrick Pinney, who also voiced Mighty Mouse in the same series.


  • "Night on Bald Pate"
  • "The Littlest Tramp" (cameo)
  • "Day of the Mice"
  • "Mouse and Supermouse"
  • "Mighty's Tone Poem"