The Trojan Horse is a 1946 animated short. It is the 25th cartoon short of the Mighty Mouse theatrical series.

Plot Edit

No enemies can penetrate the safe walls of the ancient city of Troy. The king's sexy dancing girls are performing; the little mice carry cheese from a cheese factory. The cheese has a delightful aroma which drifts across the walls into the cat kingdom. Where there's cheese, there's mice. The cats organize for an attack, which fails. They build a giant wooden horse and hide inside. The mice let the horse inside their walls. The cats pour out onto the mice. From the tallest building, the mice pray for Mighty Mouse, Champion of Justice. Mighty Mouse hears their pleas and is summoned from the top of Mount Olympus to come down and kick some cat butt! He destroys the Horse and defeat the cats, for the joy of the city. In the end Mighty Mouse is celebrated as a great hero by the king, who gives him a laurel wreath, and by the dancing girls; the episode ends with the girls relentlessly kissing Mighty Mouse, covering his face with lipstick.

Mm trojan horse33

The dancing girls are thankful to Mighty Mouse.

Mm trojan horse354353

The mice let the horse in the city.

Details Edit

  • Distributed by: 20th Century Fox
  • Cartoon Characters: Mighty Mouse, King, Dancing Girls, Other Mice, Cats.
  • Originally Released in 1946.
  • TechniColor
  • Running Time: 5:59 minutes.
  • U.S.A.

Voice Actor: Tom Morrison, Directed By Mannie Davis, Written By John Foster.